Setup VPN on Windows 7

    Step01. click on the Start button and click "Control Panels". This opens up the "Control Panel Home."

    Step02. click on the "Network and Sharing Center" control panel.

    Step03. click on "Set up new connection or network."

    Step04. click on "Connect to a workplace."

    Step05. click on "Use my internet connection (VPN)".

    Step07. enter the server information.

    Step08. enter username and password.

    Step09. Now click on close button .

    Step10. Now click to open network and sharing center then click on connect and go online with VPN if want to setup L2TP VPN go to Step 11 .

    Step11. Now right click on WorldVPN connection then click on properties .

    Step12. Now click on Options tab and untick "Include Windows logon domian".

    Step13. Now click on Security tab and then select type of VPN : "Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol With IPsec" .

    Step14. Now click on "Advanced setting" and then select "use preshared key for authentication" and put key : 12345678 .

    Step15. Now click on ok button and try to go online .