How to Change my IP and Protect Myself Online?

In order to keep your online experience safe, you will require opting for the change IP like options. So, many people have tried this in order to keep themselves protected from the online threats. However, before changing the IP there are a few things which you should know so that the whole process can become better and safer enough for you. The IP address has been termed as the logical address that has been assigned for a network card in order to keep the communication over the network perfect enough. IP address even allows you to identify a computer on the network. Usually, IP addresses have been assigned by the network administrators and that is always based on several rules and regulations.

What are the possible reasons to change IP?

Even though your computer has been assigned for a small network routed through a single IP, then also other persons outside your IP address can view your IP address or the gateway that you are using. If you are having a direct connectivity to the internet, it’s the same thing! You are exactly reaching for a certain service through certain IP address. If some one doesn’t want to have access for your services, then possibly he or she may ban your IP from the system. In such scenario, the first things that will come into mind are to change IP address so that you can get rid of the ban. Even if people have managed to change IP due to the constant flow of spam mails for their account. There are certain tips and tricks which you need to follow while changing IP if you want to disconnect or reconnect with the service.

The same sort of situation happens with people who got the access for PPPoE (Point to Point over Ethernet). Often this sort of access is based on the username and password and these are not the permanent connections. They need to be reestablished most of the time you turn on the computer. If you are using cable modems, then you may face some kind of problems. Most of the time people do have static IP address which is based on the Ethernet MAC address and it may not change.